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Welcome to my blog!

Hi, nice to meet you! My name is Anja, I am a wife, mom of a spicey teenager and self-employed consultant and coach who is using this page to share my path to not losing my shit (and sometimes struggling to find it again).

In the past two decades, I learned a lot about managing myself, my career, my family and all the other things life threw at me. But at some point, I realized I kind of lost myself in the process. So I started changing things around, prioritizing myself and questioning a lot of beliefs of "how things should be". Since then, I have worked with many women struggling with the same - finding the right balance between being a good mom, having a meaningful career, caring for all the other relationships in their life without losing themselves and their passion along the way.

Glad to have you hear along for the ride - I will share what helped me, my clients and what I learned along the way from all the gazillion books I read about those topics (Gallup Strenght Finder categorized me as a "Learner" :-). This is hopefully a shame-free, guilt-free and fun place for you to get some inspiration and food for tought. May you pick what excites you and leave the rest right here.

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